Yeastograms involves methods, developed at the pavillon_35 Bioart club in Vienna, to cultivate baker’s yeast and to shape the cultivation according to aesthetic and artistic decisions. One method can be regarded as UV carving, as the yeast cells are forced into shapes via UV light setups. Other methods incorporate screen printing techniques. A complete instructions how to cultivate Yesatograms yourself can be found on the website of pavillon_35.

uv_light setup


Günter Seyfried has a background in medicine and psychology, having studied at the University of Vienna and has strong links to digital art and media art, having graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Department of Digital Art). He works part time at New Design University St. Pölten (NDU), teaching philosophy and art theory. He combines scientific and artistic education through an active involvement in a number of highly respected projects (field research, art-based research, art exhibitions, book publications). He created a number of works and developed projects as an independent artist participating in national and international exhibitions and publications.

Kristin Weissenberger works on different aspects of perception in relation with space and it’s organizational power shaping perception and thought of the individual. She studied Art History at the University of Vienna and graduated in Stage Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2009. She worked as an artist and designer in national and international projects and exhibitions.

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