Biolace is a speculative design project which explores the potential of synthetic biology for future fabrication. In a future located in 2050, when natural resources have become scarce, and global population has reached 9 Billion, food grows in urban hydroponic greenhouses that host new species of plants genetically engineered to ‘manufacture’ multi-products to save energy, space and time. Biolace aims at questioning the validity and ethics of an emerging synthetic nature.

daily closeup carole collet


Carole Collet is Professor of Design for Sustainable Futures and Director of the Design & Living Systems Lab at Central saint Martins, University of the Arts, UK. As a designer and curator, her research focuses on exploring the interface of biological sciences and design to challenge established paradigms and develop new sustainable materials and forms of production for the future. Her work has been featured in international exhibitions and she regularly contributes to conferences on the subject of textile futures, biodesign, biomimicry, synthetic biology, future manufacturing, sustainable design and climate change.