is a web platform that provides designers tools, consumables, organisms and knowhow to work with biology in domains as diverse as material, food, and product design. is a portable biolab that connects to the platform and teaches ways to work with synthetic biology by streamlining the process of designing, culturing, and testing genetic circuits at home, in design studios, or at outdoor settings.

The Microbial donuts kit designed by Taylor Caputo demonstrates the use of the platform for food and flavor design. The kit is used together with the biolab to design the form, dough, and the icing of donuts by manipulating yeast and E. coli.



Orkan Telhan, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Fine Arts – Emerging Design Practices at University of Pennsylvania, School of Design. He holds a PhD in Design and Computation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a focus on Synthetic Biology and Biological Design. Telhan currently serves as the design director for

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Taylor Caputo is a product designer, artist, and educator living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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